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Defending the Biscuit
Defending the Biscuit

Since my mom has started this blog thing, I only thought it important that you know who I am! I am the love of her life, she tells me that every day.  Let me answer a few popular questions:

1) What kind of dog are you?  People always ask what kind of dog I am and my mom always say that I am a one-of-a-kind Quizz.   We really don’t know. I was found on the streets in Baltimore City, MD by the dog-catchers.  I could be anything!  Maybe even a poodle!

2) Where did you met your mom?  At a shelter called The Animal Welfare Society of Howard County.  That’s where I met my mom.  She came there because she was looking for a forever dog.  I spotted her in the yard and knew she was mine before she knew I was hers.  I pushed infront of all the other dogs and made myself as cute as possible.  Have you seen my picture?

3) What is my favorite things to do?  Give my mom kisses.  Give my grandma kisses, and my nieces kisses (because they give the bestest scritches!).  Play with my best friend Maddie.  She lives in the house behind mine.  We play everyday.  Go on walks and read my mail. I could make this list go on forever.

4) Do you have any brothers or sisters?  I have a cat brother named Charlie.  He didn’t really like me at first.  But I REALLY liked him.  But now we are the best of bud.  We wrestle and play.  And sometimes, when no one is looking, we snuggle next to each other.  But we don’t let any one see.  We have reputations to maintain!  

Quizz & Charlie Napping
Quizz & Charlie Napping

5) How did you get your name?  Well, when I was a puppy, I was into EVERYTHING.  I wanted to know about everything.  The best word to describe me was Inquisitive.  The shelter had named me Mikey and my mom said that I was not a Mikey.  So she thought about it and said, “You look like a Quizz to me! Because it describes you to a T!”

September 30, 2008

UPDATE!!!  Oh no!  My momma’s brother (I think that’s right) has a new yappy thing.  Momma think’s it’s cute!  CUTE is ME! MEMEMEMEMEME!  I’m the cute one.  Well.  We’ll have to see.

All I know is it is young and I don’t have time for all it’s questions.  Boy does it have a lot of questions.  Talk Talk Talk.  It can hang with me, only if it keeps up.


 December 3, 2008

So, the Interloper is STILL here.  We spent Thanksgiving together.  Mom said I had to be thankful for the company.  Well, I’m not so sure.  Then she said something about payback!  I’ll have you know that I was an absolutely PERFECT puppy!  Well mannered and polite!  Nothing like the Interloper. 

See here is the proof!

What’s a dog to do?


Well I’ve been 8×8’d.  This is a lot of questions.  But I’ll do my best. 

My 8 favorite foods:

1.       Chicken

2.       Cat food

3.       Cheese

4.       Ice Cream (When Mom’s not looking!)

5.       Did I say Chicken?

6.       Grandma’s Dinner

7.       Dinner in my bowl

8.       My Maddie’s Dinner

8 Things I did today:

1.       Went for a Walk

2.       Read my Mail

3.       Ate Breakfast

4.       Played with Maddie

5.       Napped

6.       Played with Maddie

7.       Ran around the yard

8.       Greeted Mom with my bestest stolen Maddie toy

8 Favorite Stores:

1.       PetSmart (Lots of people pet me)

2.       Grocery Store (what comes out smells really really good)

3.       Walmart (lots of people wave at me)

4.       McDonald’s DriveThru (Mmmmmm chicken nuggets)

5.       Chick-a-Fil DriveThru (did I say chicken?)

6.       The hardware store (can’t go in but I like the car ride)

7.       Gas Station (car ride – I make a good co-pilot)

8.       PetSmart

8 Favorite Restaurants:

My mom brings me doggie bags, from restaurants.  She says that my fur coat is too formal for the environment.  And he fact that I lack opposable thumbs would make it difficult to hold the menu.

8 Things I look Forward To:

1.       Walks

2.       Scritches from the nieces!

3.       Playing with Maddie and even the Interloper

4.       Cuddle time with Mom

5.       Scritches from Grandma

6.       Tug with Mom

7.       Soup bones

8.       Doggie Daycare

8 Things I Like To Do With Family:

1.       Get hair on Mom’s black pants – that way she won’t forget me at work

2.       Push her out of bed

3.       Lay with my head in her Lap

4.       Go on long walks

5.       Tell her to get up from the computer and play with me

6.       Kiss her toes and her nose– she laughs and squirms

7.       Sit really good so Grandma will give me her dinner when Mom isn’t looking

8.       Play with Charlie the Cat

8 Things on My Wish List:

1.       Bones

2.       Chews

3.       Bones

4.       Chicken

5.       Bones

6.       Biscuits

7.       Stuffed Animals with squeakers

8.       Cuz Devil Ball – It has the best squeak

8 Buddies I’m Tagging: (I’m still working on my buddies)

1.       Dozer – for being my friend

2.       Nathaniel & Jeni – for being the best family in the world

3.       Dennis the Viszla – for making me laugh with his adventures

I’ll add more as I get more friends.

Let me know if you have any questions!


New Yappy Thing

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