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I hail from the East and view the world as my playground. I'm opinionated. My dog is my co-pilot, but my cat navigates better. I'm only limited by my imagination. While there are terrible things that happen in the world I am responsible for making good things happen where I live, and that affects the world at large making it a better place.

Happy Mother’s Day

I’ve had 45 years to be a daughter. The oldest of five to be precise, so I’ve been a daughter as long Mom’s been a mother. With the arrogance of youth, it took me a while to realize how wise … Continue reading

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Been Busy

No, I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth. Really. So many things have been going on.  I’ve been devoting a lot of time to my different writing projects (Check out my writing blog), serving my corporate overlords, and … Continue reading

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