Be Afraid People, Be Very Afraid…

November 1, 2009, I start my yearly odyssey into the insane world of NaNoWriMo.

Pray for me!  I need all the help I can get.


50,000 words in 30 days.  That works out to be 1,666.7 words each day.  Okay, I’ll round up, 1,667 words per day.  In real life that is 3 and a quarter single space pages and change a day.

Every November I start with a clean Word file and go forth.  This year is different.  Different I tell you!

How you ask?

Well, I have a Novel in progress.  A plan in place.  Characters developed. And Magik run amok!  I won’t count what I’ve written so far, which is significant.  I hope this is my push to finish the manuscript, or at least see the finish line.

I’ll make sacrifices to whichever Creative muse I must to see this through.  Chocolate, Diet Dr. Pepper, Family (if they get in my way).  With my loyal pooch at my side, my literary feline editing as I go. I’m ready.


About Leila

I hail from the East and view the world as my playground. I'm opinionated. My dog is my co-pilot, but my cat navigates better. I'm only limited by my imagination. While there are terrible things that happen in the world I am responsible for making good things happen where I live, and that affects the world at large making it a better place.
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4 Responses to Be Afraid People, Be Very Afraid…

  1. A. Nony Mouse says:

    NaNu – NaNu (oops, wrong greeting – you’re not Mork from Ork!!). What was that again? NaNoWriMo? Try saying that 10 times really fast!!

    I wish you well in this endeavor – mostly because I really really want to read what you write!! I hereby solemnly promise to not mock nor deride your creative writing endeavors (mostly because your exceptional writing skills only constantly prove to me of your greater word prowess).

  2. daisydog says:

    Wow! thats such a huge undertaking (no Halloween pun intended). I followed Jennifer over at Happy Pit Bull last year. Do you allow us to read after? Are they put online? Good luck, we will be rooting for you!!

    • Leila says:

      Thanks! I’m always looking for readers just to make sure my story is cohesive. I’ve got a good start and hope that I’ll get a good chunk under my belt this month. I’ll keep everyone posted. 🙂

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