The ‘Air’ I Breathe

I just wanted you all to know that I got my Stargate fix last night.  You know that Sci-Fi show that I’ve been shamelessly plugging.  Stargate Universe.

Was it worth the wait?  Was I disappointed?  Was I hoping it would stand with its predecessors?

Yes, No, & Yes.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a Nerd and a Geek.  I wear my Nerdy Geekness proudly.  I love Science Fiction.  When Science Fiction comes to the small screen I’m even more excited.  Especially when it is smart, well written and understands its audience.  Stargate Universe does that.

Based on the two-hour premier, the Stargate creators gave us a robust look at our cast, their circumstances, and the challenges they face.  They left me wanting more.  Within the framework of the Stargate universe, we will have the mysteries of the Ancients to solve, the heights and depths of human nature to plumb, and the sense of adventure of exploring the unknown.  Each of the previous series has been carefully calculated with characters who knew their place in the structure.  This series will explore the true abilities the descendants of the Ancients and their abilities to rise above themselves for the greater good. The common goal is to get home, while learning everything they can along the way.

I believe that the Stargate writers have a unique experience to explore human nature.  To pit knowledge against instinct, command against leadership.  The stage has been set, the players are in motion.  I can’t wait to see the next step.

I’m ready to step through the gate with Dr. Rush.

The Universe awaits.


About Leila

I hail from the East and view the world as my playground. I'm opinionated. My dog is my co-pilot, but my cat navigates better. I'm only limited by my imagination. While there are terrible things that happen in the world I am responsible for making good things happen where I live, and that affects the world at large making it a better place.
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