Save the Humans!

Hi, it’s Quizz. My mom has been blogging about many serious things lately. I haven’t been able to blog because of her blogging.

Well, that is stopping now!

My humans are stressed out! My mom is worried about the economy (I’m not sure what that is but I’ll bite it for her!) and her job (that’s what gets me my food and treats.).

So, I’ve come up with a plan to help out with the de-stressing of my humans.
quizz211. Be as adorable as possible in all situations to make her smile.
2. Wiggle my butt everyday when she comes home and bring her my favorite toy.
3. Give her lots and lots of kisses, paying particular attention to her nose.
4. Snuggle close to her every chance I get.

If I follow these simple steps, I feel that I will do my part in reducing the stress in my humans.

Now, if I can get the cat to cooperate in the plan.

About Leila

I hail from the East and view the world as my playground. I'm opinionated. My dog is my co-pilot, but my cat navigates better. I'm only limited by my imagination. While there are terrible things that happen in the world I am responsible for making good things happen where I live, and that affects the world at large making it a better place.
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3 Responses to Save the Humans!

  1. Dozer says:

    Hey Quizz it is a good plan you gots there. I have been trying these thangs fer menny years and let me tell you my Mummy doesnt stress about nothing anymore. Also and most important is that she gives me treats all the times fer being a Very Good Dawg.

    I would not count on that kitty to help tho.

    Yer pal Dozer

  2. Canine Mafia says:

    As soon as you figure out how to get a cat to do anything, let us know the secret ok? 😉

  3. Leila says:

    Well, my mom has found chicken to be a powerful incentive. But, he still only does what he wants, silly kitty! — Quizz

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