Earning Our Wings

UPDATE:  The citizens of Oklahoma have truly opened their hearts and resources.  WOW!  They are earning their wings!


angel2In the movie ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ little Zuzu says, “Look, Daddy, Teacher says, Every time a bell rings an angel get his wings.”  Well, every time a pit bull is saved and angel has earned their wings, because they have one of the hardest jobs out there.  

After the fiasco in Houston, it is heartwarming and reaffirming to see examples in different parts of the country were people are looking at dogs in busts as victims and evaluating them as such. 

We have an example in LA, where the judge in the case laid down the law and let the defendants know that dog-fighting was indeed a felony and they were prosecuted and convicted to the full extent of the law.   

The dogs from this bust were evaluated.  Due to aggression and health issues, all but 4-5 dogs had to be euthanized.  But the dogs were evaluated and given a chance.  The ones that could be re-homed and live good lives were given a chance.  That is what rescue is all about. 

Another bust in Oklahoma, just over the Kansas State border, ‘100 distressed pit bulls’ were found neglected.  The officer on the scene said ‘he saw only two dogs that were so aggressive that they made him feel uncomfortable.’  Veterinarians from the Oklahoma State Veterinary Board are going to evaluate the rest of the dogs for adoptability and fostering.   

Despite the BSL in Kansas City, dog-lovers in Kansas and Oklahoma are rallying and sending food and supplies to the Kay County Sheriff’s Office to help them until shelter and foster arrangements are made.  THIS is the appropriate response to the unfortunate situation of dog-fighting busts.  The dogs are NOT guilty, people are. 

This is a far cry from the attitude of the officials in Houston, where they apparently think that there is no good pit bull and they can not be rehabilitated.   

For pit bulls the statistics are bleak, but they are getting better and better because we are sounding the call of justice.  We are putting faces and personalities to these sweet, sweet dogs.  We are earning our wings.


About Leila

I hail from the East and view the world as my playground. I'm opinionated. My dog is my co-pilot, but my cat navigates better. I'm only limited by my imagination. While there are terrible things that happen in the world I am responsible for making good things happen where I live, and that affects the world at large making it a better place.
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