Holiday Temptations

tgiving1        Thanksgiving is not just a time of tempting treats for us, but a time of irresistible temptation for our pets. I’ll never forget the one holiday my beloved pooch Quizz, whose tongue is prehensile (I swear it is!), managed to removed from the counter a full 18 count of peanut blossom cookies with the Hershey’s kiss in the middle. My mom was furious, the dog was happy, and I was frantic. That was 18 Hershey chocolate kisses he’d eaten!
        I called the vet and we went over his weight verses chocolate consumed. Quizz was okay, his tummy was upset for a couple of days. But this illustrates the point that during the holidays, no foodstuff is safe! If there is a dog, there is a way.
        Big no-no’s are raisins, grapes, onions, chocolate and bread dough. I know bread dough, but once ingested it will keep expanding in the dog’s stomach. The holidays are fraught with dangers for our pets.
        Have a game plan when you have company. Set ground rules of what the company can or cannot slip the dog; have approved treats handy for company to give the dog if they have a question. No one wants to have an emergency run to the vet’s office. Worse case scenario, no one wants to lose their dog over a bad snack.

        There are several articles and resources out there with more information:


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1 Response to Holiday Temptations

  1. Jennifer says:

    A timely warning indeed. And you can bet the emergency vet clinics (and regular vet clinics, if they’re open) will be packed due to the holiday, so it’s that much worse than a poisoning on a regular day. Not that poisoning is ever good, but waiting three hours at an emergency vet… that’s worse.

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